We Help Businesses Grow!

Every day, we work with business owners who are fighting to break through to their next level...

They want to strengthen their team, operate more efficiently, and increase their profits.

However, they can’t, because they're missing a few key skills.

It’s not their fault because no one has taught them what it takes to grow and operate like a 7 or 8-Figure business owner.

They don’t teach this stuff in school and you definitely won't learn it on a job or in a lousy online course. 

That said, you and your team have even done everything the so-called gurus told you, but your results still aren’t improving.

That’s because you need the right guide and team to teach you the skills you need to get the results you want.

Many business owners think they have to work harder and burn both ends of the candle to grow their business.

They're experiencing burnout because it feels as if they have more tasks to complete than time to complete them in.

We tell them, "If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, your business will fail and end up in the junkyard of dreams unfulfilled." 

Instead, you can grow your business by working smarter, not harder.

Working smarter is done through strategic systems, recruiting top talent, and training your team to save you time & increase your profits. 

You can achieve this by learning from people who have been where you are and who want you to improve your results!

That said, we have several innovative ideas to help your business increase & we’d like to talk with you about them.

We do this through our proprietary Marketing, Sells, and Leadership Development training programs.

You will have live access to my team and me, and training modules with proven innovative & practical strategies.

In addition, you will have exclusive access to templates, checklist, and scripts. 

As you know, “Proximity is Power,” right?

Well, your business needs access to business owners who have saved organizations up to $2.5B.

You need access to leaders who have led teams during a $9B operation.

Imagine your business experiencing a profit increase of 25-30%.

Imagine saving 1000+ hours annually with more efficient operations.

If that's what you want, schedule your call today, because your business's future depends on it!

Everyday We Talk With Business Owners Who Wish They Had A Better Marketing Strategy...

Many business owners know they must consistently advertise and market their services. 

However, it takes more than social media posts by a kid or an agency that over-promises and under-delivers.

I understand your frustration because I had those experiences too, until I cracked the code.     

The code to getting your business off life support because you don't have a proven automated marketing strategy.

We can help you revive your business by consistently and predictably attracting your perfect clients with a new strategy.

That's why we created our proprietary S.E.R.V.E. marketing method for YOU!

We'll share the simple strategies we teach our clients to attract an endless flow of their perfect clients.

I believe it would be selfish if we also don't share how to keep your business top of mind 24/7/365.

If you're ready for your business to soar as the leader in your industry, you need a proven framework.

With this framework, you'll transform your bland marketing into your "Million-Dollar Marketing Message & Strategy."

Most businesses fail because they lack these two ingredients. 

It's like preparing Lasagna without the cheese and sauce.

You're repelling your ideal clients while your competitors attract them with a mouthwatering & wholesome meal.

The aim of marketing is to know and understand your customers so well that your service's fits him/her and sells itself. 

Marketing should result in a customer who is ready to buy. 

All you have to do is to make your service available.

Imagine your lead flow full of your perfect clients showing up on your calendar every day.

Imagine engaging your ideal clients as they move through your sells funnel process to make sells superfluous.

Your business needs access to a team who can help you improve your marketing message & strategy.

If that's what you want, schedule your call, or your business will sink to the bottom of the Obscurity ocean.

Everyday We Talk With Business Owners Who Want To Know How To Increase Their Sells...

They talk about how their sells revenue experiences peaks and valleys.

They want to increase their profits, but they can't generate sells consistently and predictably.

They also talk about how frustrated they are because it takes a lot of time and money to train someone properly.

Only to have the new team member not work out and you are back where you started.

Some are frustrated because their business isn't growing the way they want it to.

Look, YOU are great at what you do! 

However, you are NOT getting the results you know you deserve. 

You can't consistently attract high quality leads and get them to show up for their scheduled call. 

Or, your calendar is full of appointments but you struggle to influence your leads to invest in your services.  

To make things worse, you're not sure where to start or how to solve your problem.

That's why we have to do something about it.

A bad location is understandable if your business relies on foot traffic. 

However, most businesses fail because they don't have a proven sells system and talented people with the right skills.

Would you like to improve your company's sells system and and your teams skills today?

Well, we have proven strategies to help you overcome objections and reach an agreement with 30%+ of your calls. 

It's time for your late nights and early mornings of hard work, dedication, and persistence to pay off.

Imagine you and your team having sells calls with people who happily pay your fees because you don't come across as a slimy salesperson.

Imagine the happiness you will experience when you are generating revenue consistently and predictably.

If that's what you want, schedule your call so my team and I can provide the solutions to your problems, instantly.
Receive expert feedback
  • Sells Call Critique: Have the opportunity to have your Sells Enrollment Call recorded & examined by our specialist to provide you with incredible insights to carry forward into your future Sells Calls. We will be looking at every aspect of your calls to ensure you don’t leave money on the table (worth tens of thousands).
  • ​​Sells Script Offer Critique: Have your sells script examined so your perfect customer is clear on what you are offering and wants to buy it as the words just roll off your tongue (worth a whole lotta money).
  • ​Sells Funnel Critique: Have your entire funnel examined, including your Sells Presentation to ensure you convert more leads and increase your appointment applications (worth tens of thousands).
  • ​Facebook Ads Critique: Have an expert dive into your Facebook & Instagram Ads, providing you with million dollar feedback that helps you generate a higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)...Boom!

It's packed with strategies from $100M+ sells forces

  • ​Sells Training
  • ​Have Your Sells Funnel Reviewed
  • ​Overcoming Objections Strategies
  • ​New Phone & Email Scripts (All Yours!)
  • ​Sells Q & A Session

It's packed with 7-figure+ marketing strategies...

  • ​Marketing Training (Mind-blowing)
  • ​Create Your Automated Marketing Strategy 
  • ​Swipe & Deploy Proven Ad Campaigns
  • ​Copywriting Secrets (Words that sell!)
  • ​Marketing Q & A Session

Learn from leaders with experience leading teams of 1000+ people

  • ​Learn How To Become A Better Leader & Communicator
  • ​Learn How To Become More Organized & A Better Problem Solver
  • ​​​Learn How To Improve Your Strategic Plan To Operate More Efficiently
  • ​​Learn How To Keep Your Mind Sharp and Relieve Stress & Anxiety
You can't help but think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries when connected to high-performers doing amazing things across the globe!

My team of personally selected industry experts will dive deep on the key elements of your business & provide strategies to help you scale your business to a new level.
  • ​Brainstorm Channel (Private Access) 
  • ​Ask any question (24/7/365)

You Are Smart! Now make the smart choice & schedule your call, TODAY!

BONUS: Recordings Of Your Consulting Sessions
This is priceless! You'll receive the recording of your sells calls, sells scripts, sells presentations, funnels, and ads being broken down and put back together for you. 

Each of our clients thinks this is the best part of our training!

Our training experiences are packed with content and opportunities designed to ignite change. That's if you're into growing. If you want to be a better version of yourself. If you want to take your business to the next level, schedule your call!
($12,500 Value)

($12,500 Value)

($12,500 Value)

($12,500 Value)

BONUS: Recordings Of Your Consulting Sessions

Total Value = $50,000+

This offer & BONUSES are available for a limited time, only. So, schedule your call, NOW!
What Others Say...
Jay Jackson has been my business coach for a year. He has taken my mindset and my business to levels I once only dreamed about! Jay is an extremely fast learner. He was able to understand many of the idiosyncrasies of my field and clients. He provided me advice that transformed my marketing tactics and time management habits, just to name a few. Because of Jay, I "work" a lot less. I'm much happier and I earn a lot more money. I sold out my event and had a 7000% increase in revenue in 90-days. I highly recommend Jay Jackson's services for those wishing to improve their life in every aspect. Yes, every aspect.
Katiana Walton
Jay is committed to his goals, his clients, and his purpose! He is open to connection and sharing his time to create great people and businesses! He is a direct communicator and shows up on-time, every time with a great attitude! He is passionate about helping his clients secure their success through entrepreneurship! I encourage entrepreneurs who are ready for business success to reach out to him!
Christina Unrein
We were unable to meet our productivity & revenue goals due to a lack of resources and professional training. With Jay, we restructured our client registration and email marketing systems and developed an internal training program. We're on course to save 2K+ man-hours and increase our revenue by 25%+ in 2019.
Katrina Meyer
Jay is insightful. He helped me clarify my vision, construct a framework and launch my business. Without his patience and expertise I would still be talking about my dream of being an entrepreneur. I am now living my dreams and living a life I love. I would highly recommend Jay to anyone that is ready to bring turn their vision into a reality.
Dr. Felicia Haecker
Mr. Jay Jackson is dedicated to helping business owners attain their goals and objectives when it comes to developing their business vision. He has helped me in professional relationship building, networking as well as with digital and on-line communications. Jay exhibits passion, determination and drive to improve himself and those around him every day. I highly recommend Jay to anyone seeking a business coach or mentor.
Greg Jenkins
Jay is an incredible coach and mentor. Since my journey as a mentee with him, I’ve gained comfort in my ability to be transparent & decisive in my decision making. He’s taught me to embrace adversity and grow from each experience. His strategic approach in his training teaches you how to not become paralyzed by your circumstances. Because, of his program, I am growing in my personal life, as well as in my business.
Audra Dukes
Hi - I'm Jay Jackson
Founder of Serve, Impact & Prosper
I'm a husband, father of (2) young adults, military veteran, personal development junkie and business strategy geek. 

Over the years, I've done a cool thing or two...  
  • Led operations in support of a $9B aircraft sustainment project
  • Helped organizations save $200K-$2.5B
  • Led a team in the Robert Wood Johnson hackathon competition, $1M prize
Jay's Speaking Engagements...
We guarantee if you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting the results you're getting. We also guarantee our training programs work. If you've done everything we've taught you and you're not satisfied with your results after 90-days, we will extend our services for an additional 90-days at no cost to you. So what do you have to lose? There is ZERO RISK FOR YOU!
Frequently Asked Questions...
☞ When and how often do we meet?

Answer: Your team and your trainer/consultant will meet via Zoom or in-person, once per week for 1-2 hours.  

☞ What happens if I can't make a session?

Answer: Your sessions will be hosted and recorded via Zoom (you can join by phone).

☞ How many sessions can we miss before concern is raised?

Answer: The expectation is that you or a member of your team show up on time and are prepared for every session.

That said, we understand life happens. 

However, if (2) sessions in a 30-day period are missed, we will determine why and discover a new course of action. 

☞ Is there an agenda/curriculum for each session?

Answer: Yes. Each session will follow an established agenda (Wins, Share, Questions, Opportunities) 
☞ What if I have intellectual property I would like to protect?

Answer: To create a safe space for members to exchange ideas and information, it’s important to build a level of trust, which can take some time. Therefore, a simple NDA must be signed by all participants.

☞ How much does it cost?  

If you know anything about the Professional Training & Consulting industry, you should know it isn't cheap to work with a company in an intimate setting.

That said, we work with serious entrepreneurs and business owners. The one's who want to work with us forever to help them grow their business.

Therefore, you must look at this as an investment and not a cost.  

I can't promise our fee's will remain where they are forever, so take advantage, NOW!

The company is led by me and my team of personally selected industry experts in business and leadership.  

☞ Will we ever meet in-person?

Answer: The goals is for us to meet in-person every 90-days.
Schedule Your Call Because Our Calendar Fills Up Fast!
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